First let me welcome you to my blog. I am Isobel Oleander. I would like to share a brief history of my time in second life. I first came to sl in Oct. 2007 as another avatar. A year after I started playing I was introduced to modeling. I had her attend Avenue Modeling Agency in late 2008 and graduated. She was then invited into the agency. During that short time I was fortunate enough to participate in a few runway shows and at least one print ad. Sadly real life called and took me out of sl. I had to give it up.

So here I am over two years later. All new, ready to take on sl. Modeling has changed so much in the last two years. Before you were given an outfit. You would just put it on, style your hair, throw on a pair of shoes and maybe add some jewelry. Then you would strut down the runway and pose like you owned it. Although now you still do that but with a twist. Styling it up is what it’s all about. A concept that is completely foreign to me. I am not going to pretend that I am a fashionite. I have never really followed the trends. I am a nanny. My wardrobe consists of jeans and sweatshirts mainly. Anything nicer would just be unpractical. Now if you wanted to know what the latest popular toy was or children’s tv show were, well I’m your girl. However I have discovered that I do have an eye for what looks good. I may not be able to tell you why but damn I can rock it.

I have already done a few styles for several contests. Each one I have started not having a single clue what the hell I was doing. Oddly enough I managed to come out of it with something I am proud of. So let’s start with the one I am blogging about today. A friend I met in one of my modeling classes suggested that we do a casting call together. It was my first casting call so I figured we all have to start somewhere. The theme was Autumn Couture. My first thought was oh shit. I really didn’t know where to even begin. So after I calmed myself down I jumped onto goggle (yes I googled Autumn Couture) Came up with an idea and started running through sl looking for clothes. I’m still new enough that my inventory is below 10000 items. So two days later and after several purchases I started coming up with the start of my outfit. I lived in this outfit for days so it was is no big surprise that when I am in the middle of working on it a notice comes in from Meiling Couturier. For those who do not know who that is. Meiling is a rl designer that has brought her designs into sl. She was giving out gift certificates, in celebration of her 6 month anniversary. Gift Certificate in sl, I’m all over it. So I go and get mine. Now picture this. I’m there standing in the middle of her store wearing half of the outfit that I have been slaving over the last several days, totally barefoot. You will often find me without shoes in sl. Yes I shop barefoot. Why not it is sl after all. She pops down to say hello. I just could not believe it. Yes I was star struck, like the time I was standing next to Darren McCarty (a Detroit Red Wing at the time) at my charges Pre K 4 graduation. Well next thing I know she is speaking to me. She loves my outfit. Holy shit and I’m not wearing shoes. Wow I am still in awe as I relay it. This is one of the biggest things that has ever happened to me. I’m just a shy girl from Ohio. I managed to type out a Thank You. Thinking should I say something, but no I didn’t. The lack of shoes. So here is my autumn style. Thank you very much for reading.

Oh more more thing. I would like to thank Bridget for helping me come up with the name of my blog. Everything I came up with was either taken or just plain too dull. Last and most important I want to thank Jackson (sl best friend as well in real life) Without his encouragement and push, not to mention the few slaps along the side on my head when I needed it I would never have made it this far. I love you both and vaule you far more than you know.

       Isobel Oleander

Styling card:

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Lolwa V2 HairStyle/Dark Night
Make-up: Face Paint Brown Frost Shadow, -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – risque
Top: Baiastice_Gina-sand dune
Jacket: !_Ce Cubic effect Short leather jackets
Jewelry: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Red (necklace, earings and bracelet)
Skirt: Maitreya HighSkirt – Umber
Shoes: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots – BROWN