I decided that I wanted to post this look. I did it a few weeks ago for Chop Zuey Girl Fall 2011. I saw the headress and remembered the dress, so I went with it. When my friend Jack saw it, he thought that I might need to hire someone to photograph it. It was too clever and my photography skills were not really that great and didn’t do it justice. (The headress is also very large and hard to capture.) I agreed so I went looking for a spur of the moment photographer. I found Bethany Felisimo and she did a wonderful job. I became one of the 12 finalists.

Photographer: Bethany Felisimo

The Dress is called Sooo Spring Dress! From Vita’s Boudoir, Bonaire12 (162, 131, 997)

The Headress is part of the Animal Speaks collection from Chop Zuey!

I would like to congratulate the winner of Chop Zuey Girl 2011 – Ai Hienrichs and first runner up – Essy Luv

Thank you for reading!  ❤ Isobel Oleander