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This is my style with Jackson, my best friend. It’s rather simple. We picked out matching jackets and just styled around them. This style took a while, way longer than I had hoped. So many bumps stood in the way, but we did it. We got through it. Better late than never.

The last couple of months have been rough and I have put you through a lot but you have held my hand when I needed it. Turned on a light when it was too dark for me to see. Let me cry when all I wanted to do was cry and kicked me in the ass if I was being unfair. I am thankful each and everyday that you walked into my life.

2011 is almost over and I wanted this to be my last post of the year. Its time to move on into a new year with new possibilities. I look forward to continuing the path that I am on and I look forward to more styles with my best friend Jack. You mean the world to me. I love you! Thank You

Please don’t give up on what you enjoy doing. I didn’t! You made sure of that.

Thank you for reading and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!    ❤ Isobel Oleander

This is how the story went
I met someone by accident
Who blew me away
Blew me away
And It was in the darkest of my days
When you took my sorrow and you took my pain
And buried them away, buried them away

Hiding My Heart by Adele

My Style:

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * YVONNE * /black
Shirt: Moni Dress Only shirt layer- Delirium style
Corset: [LeLutka]-BRAVO corset/charcoal
Jacket: =DeLa*= Shearling coat “Jona” Red
Pants: ! Bliss Basic ! Tweed Baggy Pants by Bliss Couture
Boots: Bottine Droite- AZOURY


Well here is my contribution to the holiday season. I went to Gabriel today to pick up a few of their new releases when I saw a christmas outfit they were giving as a group gift. I had to have it. The jacket alone was worth it. Wheels started to turn. I had an idea how I wanted it to turn out but the question was did I own it. So this evening I went looking through my inventory and found a gown that I thought was alright except it wasn’t the right color. So thinking I may use it went to the store :: PM :: Purplemoon Creations to get the right color. I was walking through the store when I came across this dress. It was the one in my vision. The dress is called  :: PM ::Glam [reloaded] in Ruby.  I just love it, it’s simple but elegant. Thanks for reading. ❤ Isobel Oleander

Oh a little secret. I’m not wearing shoes. haha


Here is the Formal that I styled for my class. It started with a corset. I wanted to use it, so the challenge was to find something that would look great with it. I knew instantly what designer to use. Mami Jewell has been one of my favorite designers since I discovered her during her early years. She is the owner of Azul.  I used two different gowns in this style. The skirt is from Olga (Exclusive Modavia FW) and the top was a member group gift. The shawl originally in white. I modified it to black. The hair is from .::MADesigns HAIR::. and the jewelry is from Chop Zuey. I feel so elegant when wearing this out. Thanks for reading.  ❤ Isobel Oleander


It’s 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I figured I would edit some photos and possibly start another post. I did this style about a week ago. I needed to put together three looks, this being the casual for my runway class. (that class is so much harder than I remember it being) When I first got the assignment I knew instantly that I wanted to use this jacket. Yes its the popular .SHI coat that was at the vintage fair. When I was working on this outfit I had decided that I would try to use what was already in my inventory since I was extremely low on lindens. So really the entire look was purchased at the vintage fair weeks ago and just sitting in my inventory waiting to be used.

 This is my favorite style that I have done so far. I was wearing it the other day while I was at Chop Zuey getting my group gift. I got an IM from someone who loved my outfit. You can’t imagine how pleased and excited I was. Someone liked what I was wearing. She asked me where I got the outfit and seemed very surprised when I told her where I got it. She was excited when I started to give her LM’s. She told me that usually when she would ask someone they would not tell. This I don’t understand. I felt proud that I inspired someone else in second life. Little old sick me. Yes I can’t sleep because I have a cold. Well I think I am going to try to get a little more sleep. Thanks for reading. Style card will come soon. I promise

❤ Isobel Oleander

 P.S. The purse was not purchased at the vintage fair. Its’ a new bag that I found at LG Concepts the other day. I saw it and knew that it would be perfect for this style. I also want to thank Emile for his input on this style. You really helped a lot. Thanks a million!

This bottom photo is my favorite by far. I just think it is soo classy. : ))

      I got this homework assignment in my modeling class last week to prepare two styles with the theme of Tartan Army. My very first thought was yikes.  A friend googled it while we were talking and found several links. I did look through them but to be honest  did not find inspiration.  I ended up taking the week off from second life, probably not a smart idea but it was necessary.

     While on my break I did however research the theme.  Google is awesome. I first tried Tartan but still got no where. I then checked the market place. Still that big idea did not pop into my head. I went into sl and did a search in my inventory and found one item that was tartan. I thought great we are in business. It was a green coat with the tartan pattern.  Ok I can style around this, but two thoughts kept entering into my mind. One how do I add a military flair to it and two was it couture enough. Especially when you weren’t exactly sure what couture was. I looked it up but still didn’t have a great understanding of it. I asked a few friends if they felt any of my previous styles were couture. My BFF told me which ones were. Now I understand, I have something to work with.

I scraped the outfit I started working on and went back to research. I decided to look up military fashion and wow the ideas started flying. I went on Flickr remembering that I saw the theme done before so I was hoping that I would find something. I did. I saw this hat on the first picture that I came to. Yay she had a styling card so I wrote down where that hat came from. I went in and went to the store. As I was going to the hat the Jacket jumped out at me. I got it.  The idea just jumped into my head. I remember seeing the pants at a show and all I needed to do was add a little tartan and a few accessories.

         I was ready for class. I did very well and realized that I can do this, that I am good enough. Its taken me a while to realize it but in my opinion better late than never. I am very proud of myself and look forward to what else I can do. I can only get better from here. Thanks for reading. Style card below.   

Isobel Oleander

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * fabienne* /black
Makeup: -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – ancient rose, :: Exodi :: Makeups – Eyelashes – Glamour, Face Paint Brown Frost Shadow
Eyelashes: -Glam Affair- CELEBRITY – Eyelashes 14
Hat: [LeLutka]-DICTATHOR hat
Shirt: Peqe – Tartan HighWaist Sweater
Jacket: [LeLutka]-NASTASIA jacket/red
Pants: GizzA – Lordly [Black]
Underwear Layer: :: PM :: Isadora in Black Tights
Boots: *MJS* Equestrian Riding Boots BLACK
Fingernails: NAIL/female[MANDALA]LONG
Belt: .:L&B:. S’Wear Womens Square Buckle belt

Ha got ya huh!  I just celebrated my real life birthday a few weeks ago, so to celebrate in second life I styled this outfit. Unfortunately I was ill and unable to present it.  A friend suggested that I blog about it anyway. So here it is. Right now it is in my inventory just sitting there. Someday I am sure I will have an opportunity to wear it.  I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for reading.  Isobel Oleander

Could not find the style card in my mess of an inventory so I will post it at a later date.

   I have been reading a ton of blogs lately about the vintage fair. So I thought I might just add one more. The other day (a special day) I went to the fair with a friend who means the world to me. We had gone one other time before but only got through a third of it, so we decided to finish it up. I have never really been into vintage, so I was pleasantly surprised to have found this dress. Of course I have heard and read about the .SHI coat and was on the look out for it. We walked into PM and wow there it was, in my opinion the most perfect dress.  I decided to keep this style simple.  The hair and dress were purchased at the fair, however the shoes were not. I just thought they went well.



I even found a few poses from the 50’s to showcase this dress. I hope that you were able to make it to the fair. It really was something. Oh and I did get the .SHI jacket. Can’t wait to style it. Thank you for reading. ❤  Isobel Oleander


My Style:

Hair:   *Plume* Parisienne/Onyx
Dress:  :: PM :: Donna Dress in Silver -VC-
Shoes:   NX-Nardcotix MANA Rosa Maria Black
Poses: oOo 1950s_five and oOo 1950s_three

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