It’s 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I figured I would edit some photos and possibly start another post. I did this style about a week ago. I needed to put together three looks, this being the casual for my runway class. (that class is so much harder than I remember it being) When I first got the assignment I knew instantly that I wanted to use this jacket. Yes its the popular .SHI coat that was at the vintage fair. When I was working on this outfit I had decided that I would try to use what was already in my inventory since I was extremely low on lindens. So really the entire look was purchased at the vintage fair weeks ago and just sitting in my inventory waiting to be used.

 This is my favorite style that I have done so far. I was wearing it the other day while I was at Chop Zuey getting my group gift. I got an IM from someone who loved my outfit. You can’t imagine how pleased and excited I was. Someone liked what I was wearing. She asked me where I got the outfit and seemed very surprised when I told her where I got it. She was excited when I started to give her LM’s. She told me that usually when she would ask someone they would not tell. This I don’t understand. I felt proud that I inspired someone else in second life. Little old sick me. Yes I can’t sleep because I have a cold. Well I think I am going to try to get a little more sleep. Thanks for reading. Style card will come soon. I promise

❤ Isobel Oleander

 P.S. The purse was not purchased at the vintage fair. Its’ a new bag that I found at LG Concepts the other day. I saw it and knew that it would be perfect for this style. I also want to thank Emile for his input on this style. You really helped a lot. Thanks a million!

This bottom photo is my favorite by far. I just think it is soo classy. : ))