Well here is my contribution to the holiday season. I went to Gabriel today to pick up a few of their new releases when I saw a christmas outfit they were giving as a group gift. I had to have it. The jacket alone was worth it. Wheels started to turn. I had an idea how I wanted it to turn out but the question was did I own it. So this evening I went looking through my inventory and found a gown that I thought was alright except it wasn’t the right color. So thinking I may use it went to the store :: PM :: Purplemoon Creations to get the right color. I was walking through the store when I came across this dress. It was the one in my vision. The dress is called  :: PM ::Glam [reloaded] in Ruby.  I just love it, it’s simple but elegant. Thanks for reading. ❤ Isobel Oleander

Oh a little secret. I’m not wearing shoes. haha