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This was my first attempt of my AMST Styling. It’s very Elegant and pretty but not enough so I went a different way. Hope you Enjoy! Thanks for reading!  ❤ Isobel Oleander

My Style:

Hair: Osmose – Sauvage/Onyx
Flower: ::GBf::WhiteCalla Lilly_Hair Accessories
Top: :: PM :: Lucia Gown in Pearl Sculpted Top
Skirt: Baiastice_La Romantique skirt-blue
Jewlery: Shiva Gauri Earrings, ZC : Patra silver bracelet
Shoes: Poison
Makeup: ! Face Paint Kim Makeup


A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on my couch and just casually glanced at my cell (where I get my email) The email I was waiting, hoping for was just sitting there waiting for me. After squealing, jumping up dumping everything in my lap all over the room including my poor cat. Ran out of the room to my computer. My dream since I have decided to come back to modeling is to get into Avenue Agency. I graduated from the academy for the second time. (Once on my alt) I worked hard hoping that it would be enough for an interview. My hard work paid off , I got that interview. This is what I wore.

Dress: J.H. Couture *Malika* MESH Tube Dress  (SILVER)
Sweater: =DeLa*= Open cardi “Lynn” Turquoise
Boots: *Btq Courtisane*  Esprit De Sable BLUE by Enkythings Shoes
Jewelry: Song of the Sunrise Necklace by Chop Zuey, SIGMA Jewels/ Oval earring (sea)
Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP  – champagne glitter shadow
Belt: .S H I – Pyton Waist Belt – Modified texture change

Thank You for reading! ❤ Isobel Oleander

This is what I wore. I started out with something completely different. A friend offered to give me some advice and well that advice led me to this outfit, helping me step up my styling. Thank you Cao for your much needed help. The theme was Spring Haute Couture.  I rocked the casting and made it in. Yay Me!!!!

Will add styling soon. Thanks for reading!  ❤ Isobel Oleander

I wore this out the other night. I felt soo romantic in it. It really was something I threw on that night but I felt beautiful. The gown is from Kunglers and the jewelry is Chop Zuey.

Thank you for reading!  ❤ Isobel Oleander

Ok so yes I have been slacking. I have been practicing my editing and  hanging with some friends, well one in particular. So blogging took a back seat. I now have several styles to blog about with some improvements. Actually lots of changes are coming my way..

This style was a homework assignment for my OGlam class. We were asked to style Pirate Lolita. I really enjoyed researching this. The assignment was to change the prims to make it more unique. I feel I did ok for my first time. Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for reading

 ❤ Isobel Oleander

My Style:

PEASANT WENCH Lace Top by HUDSON Clothing Co.
Hatter is Mad* Capt. Morgan’s Pirate  hat
FP “Poppy” Balloon skirt
.:NV:. Corsetry  Pink Skully underbust corset
*Btq Courtisane* Allumeuse Black Boots by Enkythings Shoes
Forge Eye Patch purchased off the marketplace
Aly – Delicate Pearl Choker
erratic / fishnet thin – thigh / black
:Fusion: Dagger and Skull Necklace
Shoulder parrot – Cocktatiel

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