I have mentioned before that I am a nanny in rl to 4 great kids. One of those kids is a little girl. Every week she greets me at the door asking if I have any new photos. LOL she is very critical of my flickr too, not at all afraid to tell me what she doesn’t like and wow if body parts are showing I get an ewww. Gotta love 7 year olds. Well a few weeks ago I offered to style what her whatever she wanted me to style, and was greeted with the hugest smile  across her face. I asked what she wanted and she said a blue sparkly dress with blue feathers. So here is her style, not a mix and match but a Bliss Couture gown (Aliyeh Gown in midnight) fitting Erin’s description.  The necklace is from Finesmith. They have recently become one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry. The piece is called Love doesn’t grow on trees. I have a huge fondness for trees. Last the hair is from Osmose formally known as Plume. Don’t you agree that their hair is fabulous.

 Well here you go sweet girl, I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading All!  ❤ Isobel Oleander