I originally had another idea on how I wanted this blog to go but recently I have had to question my reasons for being in second life, why it is so important for me to be involved in modeling and most importantly why I care that the people who I care for and love the most support me on my journey.

I have been in second life on and off since 2007. I have had many experiences and have met so many creative and not so creative people along the way.

What keeps bringing people back and what keeps bringing me back?

Speaking for myself, for the most part sl is full of creative people. I see second life as a canvas, an empty canvas. The builders, artists, photographers, designers, musicians, bloggers, models and stylists (if I missed anyone my apologizes) contribute to make sl what it is. I am a model and stylist in second life. This is how I tap into my artistic side and modeling and styling are my choices of a medium for this canvas. This is what I am passionate about. It brings me pleasure.

Yes second life is a game if that is what you bring to it. For so many others, like myself it is a creative expression. It is one of the many things that makes me happy. No matter what your passion is, whether it be computers, sports, your children, your job to name a few. There is no difference in any of them, not one less worthy or one any better than the other.

This little collection is what keeps bringing me back. To be able to do this and have others admire it…. well its just priceless.

This is my second life. This is my canvas!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. ❤ Isobel Oleander

I chose not to add style cards to this so I will add them to my flicker within the next few days.