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Sometimes it feels like you are slipping away, so I hold on tight. I know I am being silly, that you’re not going anywhere.

Sometimes it feels like you are being pulled away. I know I am being silly, but I still hold on tight. You are not going anywhere.

Life is changing, always changing. Moving on, so I hold on tight. I know I am being silly. We aren’t going anywhere.

Eye Candy is Jackson Halpern, the bestest friend a girl can have. ❤ you sweetie.


Butterfly; butterfly fly away,
teach me how to be as free as free can be.

Butterfly; butterfly I see you there,
its beautiful the way your wings caress the air.

Butterfly; butterfly go as high as you can go,
show me the things that I don’t yet know.

Butterfly; butterfly fly into the sky,
drop down and land yourself by my side.

Butterfly; butterfly I see you kiss a flower,
my eyes fill and I begin to ponder.

Butterfly; butterfly your beauty soars,
I see the beauty in you and I see the beauty within me.

Butterfly; butterfly show me the way,
For beauty is beautiful but there’s more to me.

Butterfly; butterfly show yourself,
I see your colors and I see your shimmer, is there anything else?

I chose to blog this style because when I got the dress I was less than thrilled that I of all people would get it. It was a style for a show, my first show. Don’t get me wrong, the dress is beautiful and something I would pick out myself. I had to come up with something good and different. I was sitting at the table with Erin and looking at that small package of cuteness whom is girly as girly gets, when it came to me. I even told her about the idea and well you can guess that she loved it. I am very pleased how it came out and well I felt proud to walk down the runway in it. The gown is AMARELO MANGA and the show was her designs that Beauty Posh put together. I won a style contest that got me on the runway. I was invited to be one of their models which I happily accepted.

Thank you for reading!   I know its been a while since I have last bloged. I hope to blog more in the weeks to come.    ❤ Isobel Oleander

Oh P. S. The poem is not my own. Its a portion of a poem that I found on the internet.

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