I woke up this morning thinking about this. This is going to sound weird but I tend to dream about my styles and what I want to do.

There was this boy in high school, with whom all the girls went gaga over, myself included. Wow, he was gorgeous and his eyes, well you could just get lost in them. Anyway, we all graduated and went our separate ways. One weekend years later I am home for a visit, my bff and I (both of us straight) stop in at the local gay bar to visit a friend who tended bar. After a couple of drinks my friend spots that boy from high school. With utter happiness and yes a bit of shock not to mention sadness. (yes he was that good looking) We catch up, finding out that he shared his life with his partner. He explained to us that he never thought of himself as gay. He just fell in love with another man…

Pink Blossom

It never occurred to me until that moment that you could fall in love with anyone, whether it be gender, race or religion. Love is an emotion, a very strong emotion. Love is blind. It should never be a mistake. That’s why I stand for love. Who has the right to tell us who we should marry.

Pink Blossom 2
I don’t know where he is today, it has been many years since I have seen him but where ever he is, I is my wish that he happy and in love.

Thank you for reading my story. Isobel

Style Card:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR London
Hat: Miss Rose Yellow *****BaObA *****s modified
Jewelry: **Angelwing** Coin Silks Black necklace
Top: Aurora Coat in Lotus (don’t remember where I got this)
Pants: !_Ce Cubic effect Cotton pants
Boots: *Btq Courtisane* Esprit De Sable OLDWHITE